June 3, 2015
summertime charcuterie, charcuterie, dried meats, cheese, summer entertaining

This summertime charcuterie doesn’t quite top the expanse of the one I made for Easter brunch but sometimes less is more, and that is especially relevant in this case. Summertime is upon us and life comes to a relaxation point where we slow down, absorb more Vitamin D, laugh more, and enjoy the little things. I popped into Whole Foods for some groceries and was craving something flavorful, light, and varried in texture for lunch.

I started out by choosing the fig and olive crackers, raincoasts crisps by Lesley Stowe. In selecting a dry cured meat I wanted to pick something a little sassier than the usual chorizo or regular salami we are used to at home so I snagged Creminelli’s salami made with barrel-aged whiskey. Needless to say they had my attention at whiskey and my love for liquor infused foods is strong. Next up I needed a cheese that was soft and subdued so Gruyere cheese was a good choice. I had my mango chutney already jarred and waiting at home so that would give this charcuterie the proper heat that it needed.

Now to cool down and lock the palette in this tantalizing mixture of flavors I chose That Indian Drink’s Mango Rosewater Yogurt drink. Boom…you’re ready for summer in each bite so go ahead and enjoy either with your significant other or a crowd at the next summer party.


summertime charcuterie, charcuterie, dried meats, cheese, summer entertaining
Summertime Charcuterie


6 oz. Creminelli barrel-aged whiskey salami
6 oz. Le Gruyere cheese block
1 – 6 oz. box of Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast crisps, fig and olive flavored
6 oz Mango Chutney (click link for recipe)
2 – Mango rosewater yogurt drinks from That Indian Drink


1. Thinly slice the cheese, followed by the salami.
2. Place mango chutney in a small pinch bowl with a small spoon for scooping.
3. Devour and wash down with the mango rosewater yogurt drink!

summertime charcuterie, charcuterie, dried meats, cheese, summer entertaining

author: Teresa Gonzalez

Teresa is a South Florida native who is a photographer that also has a passion for food. She's a seeker of sunshine, lazy days at the beach, and exquisite food.


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